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Day 3!

I survived the first day of school!!! Yay!! And I went to a 2 hr fencing practice, and I got a couple bruises, but I worked rrally hard so it’s okay! I also did my homework, and updated my bullet journal! And during class I doodled a bit, and it kinda turned out pretty cute??? Nice! I hope everyone has gotten a great start to 2017!

-ofdragonsandtea out.

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Day 2!

Yes i know this is late, but I was really productive yesterday!! I studied for math at a cute cafe and I drew a little too which was nice!! I also started my bullet journal for 2017 and im really proud of it!! πŸ˜† i hope everyone has a radical day!!

I also went on a 3 mile run, and on a walking part I took some pretty cool photos 😊

There was also a cute doggie that dropped by which made my day all so much better!!

-ofdragonsandtea out.

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Day 1

Hey guys so I want to try 100 days of productivity and I also just want to get in the habit of writing a lot, maybe on a daily basis!!

Today is really nice bc it’s the first day of 2017, and I really hope this year is fantastic!! I plan on studying today and creating the first couple spreads for my bullet journal πŸ™‚ 

It’s also almost 5am and I should probably get some sleep!! So good night, or well in a logical sense, good morning!! I hope everyone’s year is really great and I hope that 2017 is full of love, acceptance and puppies for everyone πŸ™‚

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being human

​Hi there.
I know that life sucks, like it really fucking sucks and there are things that you cant do shit about, and yeah, that reality its going to fucking suck, and its going to hurt and it’s going to leave scars and holes in your heart. And thats fine. It’s fine to feel confused, it’s fine to be angry, and sad amd upset. It’s fine to cry. Its fine to feel a mixture of emotions that drain your energy and make you feel empty. But the thing is, once you hit that point of being empty, you have to start filling yourself up with positive things.
Like the way i see it is that you start off filled with all of these emotions, good and bad, and then once theyre all used up, you have to refill yourself, and yes it sounds confusing but bear with me, say normally you use up the happy emotions first, and then youre left with all the sad and the bad ones, you’re going to have to use them up before you refill, so this is also why sometime you may feel like youre sad or upset for no reason, but maybe it’s bc you just need a good cry, and afterwards you just feel empty inside, like you have nothing left to give, and i understand that, i understand that its so fucking confusing, and you have no idea shat to feel, and thats ok. 
It’s fine. It’s ok. It’s normal.
And then you wish to feel happy, so i guess some people just keep wishing, or somepeople do something that is comforting ro them, like reading, or look at funny vives or memes, everyone deals with it in their own way. I think its fine as long as you are making an effort to be better, i think thats what really matters. And yes i know that there are people who say that they cant do anything about it, and i might sound ignorant and stupid, but i call bullshit.
I call bullshit on that thinking bc it is your body, and your mind. You control it. You can start by having wishful thinking, but at some point you have to take control, even if it little by little, it’s a start and thats progress.
And hey maybe you have different ways of getting through it, but when life hits you hard, it hurts, and taking control again is vital. You could maybe start by setting small goals each day, and then it progressivley gets bigger, and then at one point you realize that you are able to do things that you used to think was hard, and then now they seem like it’s just everyday action, and i can tell you, its one of the best fucking feelings in the entire world, it’s a start, and it’s a progress, 
but another thing tho is that there is no end goal exactly, i mean it varies for people, but know that there are going to be multiple bumps in the road, some larger than others, and that your progress is not going to be a line that just goes up, its going to go up and down, and thats fine. Because life isnt just a smooth and easy path. Everyone is have issues, that may seem bigger/smaller to others, but in their own persepctive their problem is valid, (so dont go bashing on other peoples problems for the most part), and after that bump in the road you just gotra pick yourself up, take a breath, and keep marchin on.
Because you are so fucking strong. And so fucking beautiful. And you are so unique, and fantastic, and human. You are human, and you dont have to like everything about yourself, but you have to accept it. I believe in you, your family believes in you, youre friend believes in you, and the world does too. And at times you may feel alone, but just stop and think about how much you matter to people, how much of you are in their lives, and be grateful for the people in your lives that make living just a bit easier.
You got this. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are human.

I love you, and i believe in you.

Ofdragonsandtea out.

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Pink is the color hinted in your cheeks when you blush. When you feel that warm fuzzy feeling, pink is there.

Pink is the color of the lips that speak so freely. They speak the words you love to hear, they speak the words that make you feel happy inside. 

Pink is the color of the hat that covers your face when you’re out for a walk with friends and enjoying life.

Pink is the color of the flowers outside your house, that you worked hard for, to make something you’re proud of.

Pink is the color of the first stuff animal you ever had, and seeing the same shade of pink gives you the nostalgia and happiness you held onto back then.

Pink gives you hope.

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spread the love

​When im feeling really sad and blue, when im feeling really stressed and depressed, i try to spread some love!! And i want to know that you guys are all super beautiful, and that you guys matter so much to me and the world. You guys have so many talents and are so individuals and unique, and you guys are so great, that some of you guys dont realize how much you mean to people, and how much you mkae peoples lives better! And you guys deserve the world and all the greatness it has in it! And despite how much you guys have going on in your lives, how much negativity, all the hatred that we have felt this week, I love you and all the pain that you have felt, I’m here for you. And just take deep breaths, and find something you love and enjoy it. Take a break, and take some time for yourself this weekend πŸ™‚

This is your daily reminder that you are fucking beautiful and worth so much. You are worth more than the world and it’s treasures combined, and you are part of the beauty that makes this world run πŸ’œ 

be strong and be safe this weekend ✊

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Bad Week Remedy

​Find a sappy romance with clique endings, or find multiple books and just bindge read so you can escape reality
Find a friend to talk to, talk about anything, the good and hr bad, maybe get coffee with them
Coffee plans? Dont want to talk? Bring that book, or a sketchbook and just sit there in silence, maybe listen to music and enjoy each others company
Music: find old music that you know all the words too, maybe you havent listened to it in 3 years, but you know all the words to it, make a positive playlist
Sleep, sleep sleep
Cry, it’s ok to stress and cry and be dramtic about it, if thats what makes you let it all out, then do it! A good cry is maybe what you just need
Write it down, write how you’re feeling, and then crumple it up, or fold it into some oragami, make your negative rants into something beautiful
Bindge eatch disney movies, princess movies are bonus for happy feelings, and snacks are a good bonus πŸ™‚

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Colors of Courage: Brown


Brown is the color of your best friends eyes. The eyes that watched you grow up and struggle. It’s the friend whom you’ll always rely on no matter what happens between the two of you because you both have been through hell. They are your strength as you are theirs.

Brown in the color of the dirt between your toes. It’s the ground supporting you, and will always be there to catch you when you fall. They way you squeeze the dirt between your toes makes you feel at home, like you belong there. It makes you feel free.

Brown is the color of the cat curled up in your lap. She is so comfortable and warm that you feel loved. You feel like you belong there, and everything is fine.

Brown is strong.
Brown is comforting.
Brown gives you courage.

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Finding Love In the Oddest of Ends

After being attached to people for such a long time, there is a point in life where a person has to ind themselves. They have to distance themselves from others and realize what they believe in and what their morals are.

My friend recently had some friend problems and when they took some distance from people, they realized things about themselves they didn’t know before. And at this point, her and I just are ending our first year of high school, and who knows, we’ll probably think differently, but for now we’ve come to realize somethings.

First, there is this concept of people having a heart and metaphorically it hold love right? And how there is the idea of having half a heart and a person’s signifigant other has the other half. But in reality that not so. I’ve come to realize that some hearts are sewn together after being ripped to pieces. Some hearts come already full, and have no need for anyone else. Some hearts require more than one to complete them.

And then there are hearts that have tiny little holes. And these holes slowly drain the heart out, so in response the person has to try to fix the hole. Some people use tape which falls off quickly. Some people sew it closed, only to have it ripped open again. Some people try bandaids which are temporary, and some just leave itΒ  open until it’s all gone.

And I find it interesting onto how people have different types of hearts. And who knows, there are probably more I still have to find.

Secondly, I think when people are looking for love, it’s a concept of them wanting to feel like they belong somewhere. I think everyone has a hole in them that they want it to be filled. Some people find that in loving someone, others find that in work, pets, friendship, maybe in food. But before someone finds that love, I think they have to find love for themselves before they can truly realize what they need to fill that hole in their heart.

In my own experiance, I found out that I needed to love myself after I had dated someone, someone whom I really loved. But after my time finding myself, I’m not even sure what my version of love is. For now, I find love in friendship. I find love in books that take me to distant lands away from reality. I find love in the moments where I feel alive and full. I find love in tiny coffee shops. I mean, what I’m trying to say is, that people find love in the weirdest crooks and croonies, in the tiny alleyways and shining from lightbulbs.

Where do you find love?

ofdragonsandtea out.

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thank you mom.

thank you mom for being there.
thank you mom for being an inspiration in my life.
thank you mom for putting up with me despite my misunderstandings.
thank you mom for making me food at the time.
thank you mom for working your ass off so that my sisters and I can be happy.
thank you mom for making me happy.
thank you mom for helping me with the problems in my life.
thank you mom for being my light in times of darkness.
thank you mom for being my everything.
thank you mom for showing me what’s right and what’s wrong.
thank you mom for giving up so much to have me.
thank you mom for being my best friend.
thank you mom for believing in my interests.
thank you mom for trusting me.
thank you mom for the paint sets lying on my table.
thank you mom for the encouragement you give me everyday.
thank you mom for the advice and criticism that makes me grow up.
thank you mom for giving me a wider view on our world.
thank you mom for having me.
thank you mom for everything.

thank you mom.