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spread the love

​When im feeling really sad and blue, when im feeling really stressed and depressed, i try to spread some love!! And i want to know that you guys are all super beautiful, and that you guys matter so much to me and the world. You guys have so many talents and are so individuals and unique, and you guys are so great, that some of you guys dont realize how much you mean to people, and how much you mkae peoples lives better! And you guys deserve the world and all the greatness it has in it! And despite how much you guys have going on in your lives, how much negativity, all the hatred that we have felt this week, I love you and all the pain that you have felt, I’m here for you. And just take deep breaths, and find something you love and enjoy it. Take a break, and take some time for yourself this weekend 🙂

This is your daily reminder that you are fucking beautiful and worth so much. You are worth more than the world and it’s treasures combined, and you are part of the beauty that makes this world run 💜 

be strong and be safe this weekend ✊



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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