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being human

​Hi there.
I know that life sucks, like it really fucking sucks and there are things that you cant do shit about, and yeah, that reality its going to fucking suck, and its going to hurt and it’s going to leave scars and holes in your heart. And thats fine. It’s fine to feel confused, it’s fine to be angry, and sad amd upset. It’s fine to cry. Its fine to feel a mixture of emotions that drain your energy and make you feel empty. But the thing is, once you hit that point of being empty, you have to start filling yourself up with positive things.
Like the way i see it is that you start off filled with all of these emotions, good and bad, and then once theyre all used up, you have to refill yourself, and yes it sounds confusing but bear with me, say normally you use up the happy emotions first, and then youre left with all the sad and the bad ones, you’re going to have to use them up before you refill, so this is also why sometime you may feel like youre sad or upset for no reason, but maybe it’s bc you just need a good cry, and afterwards you just feel empty inside, like you have nothing left to give, and i understand that, i understand that its so fucking confusing, and you have no idea shat to feel, and thats ok. 
It’s fine. It’s ok. It’s normal.
And then you wish to feel happy, so i guess some people just keep wishing, or somepeople do something that is comforting ro them, like reading, or look at funny vives or memes, everyone deals with it in their own way. I think its fine as long as you are making an effort to be better, i think thats what really matters. And yes i know that there are people who say that they cant do anything about it, and i might sound ignorant and stupid, but i call bullshit.
I call bullshit on that thinking bc it is your body, and your mind. You control it. You can start by having wishful thinking, but at some point you have to take control, even if it little by little, it’s a start and thats progress.
And hey maybe you have different ways of getting through it, but when life hits you hard, it hurts, and taking control again is vital. You could maybe start by setting small goals each day, and then it progressivley gets bigger, and then at one point you realize that you are able to do things that you used to think was hard, and then now they seem like it’s just everyday action, and i can tell you, its one of the best fucking feelings in the entire world, it’s a start, and it’s a progress, 
but another thing tho is that there is no end goal exactly, i mean it varies for people, but know that there are going to be multiple bumps in the road, some larger than others, and that your progress is not going to be a line that just goes up, its going to go up and down, and thats fine. Because life isnt just a smooth and easy path. Everyone is have issues, that may seem bigger/smaller to others, but in their own persepctive their problem is valid, (so dont go bashing on other peoples problems for the most part), and after that bump in the road you just gotra pick yourself up, take a breath, and keep marchin on.
Because you are so fucking strong. And so fucking beautiful. And you are so unique, and fantastic, and human. You are human, and you dont have to like everything about yourself, but you have to accept it. I believe in you, your family believes in you, youre friend believes in you, and the world does too. And at times you may feel alone, but just stop and think about how much you matter to people, how much of you are in their lives, and be grateful for the people in your lives that make living just a bit easier.
You got this. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are human.

I love you, and i believe in you.

Ofdragonsandtea out.



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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