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Bad Week Remedy

​Find a sappy romance with clique endings, or find multiple books and just bindge read so you can escape reality
Find a friend to talk to, talk about anything, the good and hr bad, maybe get coffee with them
Coffee plans? Dont want to talk? Bring that book, or a sketchbook and just sit there in silence, maybe listen to music and enjoy each others company
Music: find old music that you know all the words too, maybe you havent listened to it in 3 years, but you know all the words to it, make a positive playlist
Sleep, sleep sleep
Cry, it’s ok to stress and cry and be dramtic about it, if thats what makes you let it all out, then do it! A good cry is maybe what you just need
Write it down, write how you’re feeling, and then crumple it up, or fold it into some oragami, make your negative rants into something beautiful
Bindge eatch disney movies, princess movies are bonus for happy feelings, and snacks are a good bonus 🙂



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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