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Finding Love In the Oddest of Ends

After being attached to people for such a long time, there is a point in life where a person has to ind themselves. They have to distance themselves from others and realize what they believe in and what their morals are.

My friend recently had some friend problems and when they took some distance from people, they realized things about themselves they didn’t know before. And at this point, her and I just are ending our first year of high school, and who knows, we’ll probably think differently, but for now we’ve come to realize somethings.

First, there is this concept of people having a heart and metaphorically it hold love right? And how there is the idea of having half a heart and a person’s signifigant other has the other half. But in reality that not so. I’ve come to realize that some hearts are sewn together after being ripped to pieces. Some hearts come already full, and have no need for anyone else. Some hearts require more than one to complete them.

And then there are hearts that have tiny little holes. And these holes slowly drain the heart out, so in response the person has to try to fix the hole. Some people use tape which falls off quickly. Some people sew it closed, only to have it ripped open again. Some people try bandaids which are temporary, and some just leave it  open until it’s all gone.

And I find it interesting onto how people have different types of hearts. And who knows, there are probably more I still have to find.

Secondly, I think when people are looking for love, it’s a concept of them wanting to feel like they belong somewhere. I think everyone has a hole in them that they want it to be filled. Some people find that in loving someone, others find that in work, pets, friendship, maybe in food. But before someone finds that love, I think they have to find love for themselves before they can truly realize what they need to fill that hole in their heart.

In my own experiance, I found out that I needed to love myself after I had dated someone, someone whom I really loved. But after my time finding myself, I’m not even sure what my version of love is. For now, I find love in friendship. I find love in books that take me to distant lands away from reality. I find love in the moments where I feel alive and full. I find love in tiny coffee shops. I mean, what I’m trying to say is, that people find love in the weirdest crooks and croonies, in the tiny alleyways and shining from lightbulbs.

Where do you find love?

ofdragonsandtea out.



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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