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​waves of joy

with a hint of
that only we know
to keep
to enjoy
secrets that still linger
from your last words
your last kiss
your last touch.
i hunger for it again
as soon as we part
i wish for the
safety of being in your arms.
the simple three words that i wish to hear
will have to wait until next time i
see you.

– when you leave

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​my hand dances on my legs

fingertips painting colors for you
a single act
of desperation
leads to
tounges ties
lips locked
bodies entwined
souls as one
me and you.

-first time

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​H A P P

why is it that when i smile,
i feel so
inside, but smiling is supposed to make me seem
why do i etch these lines on my body
these lines
scars really
thats are the distraction of the
monsters that
and eat the idea of being
why do my favorite books and movies cease
to keep me
why does the thought of getting up in
the morning
make me feel demise
and fear
when the
of a new day means a new start
shouldn’t i be
why is it
when i feel so
the sadness that consumes the remains
of my soul
cannot make my eyes produce rain
to water the plants that bind my heart
i am sad for no reason
so for no reason why can’t i be

-the art of being empty

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​im stressed

and depressed
and although i try my best
it ends up being a broken nest
it breaks and i just find myself

into the dark abyss of my thoughts
pulling at all sides
till it rips me apart
showing my hollow heart
but i guess its a start
its better than darts
or maybe its worst
i keep worrying till i burst
and let me be not the first
but one of the few
who has a view
and say
i’m not ok.
i am very much so not never really ever
for i am drowing in my tears
lost in my thoughts
for who am i to say that
im ok
for i never was, am, are or will be
i tell this to thee
to treat me with care
so i can bare
living to another day
and the child within me
will be kept at bay
for you not to see.

i am depressed
and stressed
and never ok
but i tell me
to be

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thank you mom.

thank you mom for being there.
thank you mom for being an inspiration in my life.
thank you mom for putting up with me despite my misunderstandings.
thank you mom for making me food at the time.
thank you mom for working your ass off so that my sisters and I can be happy.
thank you mom for making me happy.
thank you mom for helping me with the problems in my life.
thank you mom for being my light in times of darkness.
thank you mom for being my everything.
thank you mom for showing me what’s right and what’s wrong.
thank you mom for giving up so much to have me.
thank you mom for being my best friend.
thank you mom for believing in my interests.
thank you mom for trusting me.
thank you mom for the paint sets lying on my table.
thank you mom for the encouragement you give me everyday.
thank you mom for the advice and criticism that makes me grow up.
thank you mom for giving me a wider view on our world.
thank you mom for having me.
thank you mom for everything.

thank you mom.

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to break

standing there alone
stepped into the danger zone
i fell head first
in what was the worst.
it was broken.


started up in the skies
among the planet and stars,
with my lost goodbyes
i was shut behind bars.
it wasn’t broken.


but to take me by surprise.
to take my heart and lie
“i’ll treat it with care.”
and then it had a tear.
when i saw you with her
her, being my best friend.
she was broken.


i thought i had some
until it was torn apart
while you just stood there
and stared.


i was broken.

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The Little Owner of the Little Mask Shop

Have you heard of the mask shop,

just down the road?

They say it’s filled with wonders.

The little shop owner says,

“Come in if you will,

and when you’ve had your fill,

just look at the bill.

It won’t be so high,

I promise that’s not a lie,

but if you’ll be happy,

just take one,

and you’ve won.”

I guess it always works,

for it’s worked for everyone,

even the little shop owner.

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Who am i?

Take me back to a time,
Where no lack of a rhyme,
Could dance in the shadows,
Or prance in the meadows.

My lack of being fine
Is the nack of seeing between lines.

Winds whisper wistful words
Moons mourn over my misery
Stars silently scream sidereal sayings

For who am i?
To see through eyes
In their souls obscurity

For who am i?
To questions their goodbyes
When it’s the probability
Of a never ending lie.

So see me silently sit here
Sip my tea peacefully
Awaiting a sensation
Of the world sayin’