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Pink is the color hinted in your cheeks when you blush. When you feel that warm fuzzy feeling, pink is there.

Pink is the color of the lips that speak so freely. They speak the words you love to hear, they speak the words that make you feel happy inside. 

Pink is the color of the hat that covers your face when you’re out for a walk with friends and enjoying life.

Pink is the color of the flowers outside your house, that you worked hard for, to make something you’re proud of.

Pink is the color of the first stuff animal you ever had, and seeing the same shade of pink gives you the nostalgia and happiness you held onto back then.

Pink gives you hope.

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Colors of Courage: Brown


Brown is the color of your best friends eyes. The eyes that watched you grow up and struggle. It’s the friend whom you’ll always rely on no matter what happens between the two of you because you both have been through hell. They are your strength as you are theirs.

Brown in the color of the dirt between your toes. It’s the ground supporting you, and will always be there to catch you when you fall. They way you squeeze the dirt between your toes makes you feel at home, like you belong there. It makes you feel free.

Brown is the color of the cat curled up in your lap. She is so comfortable and warm that you feel loved. You feel like you belong there, and everything is fine.

Brown is strong.
Brown is comforting.
Brown gives you courage.