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​im just really scared of having feelings bc it seems that when ever i like someone, and they like me back we get close and we share our lives and theres always this point in which if i share too much of my problems im afraid ill get annoying and then they wont care for me anymore, and in our relationship theyll start to put less effort and im just scared of being unwanted, unloved, unappreciated and it’s because ive been hurt so many times that i end up not telling them how i feel, and about my problems, bc when they do, at first they care about me, but it gets to the point where, when i tell them im having a bad moment, which is all the time,  they start to get annoyed with me and my condtant state of mental unstability, so now i just dont say anything and i hate it, and i hate how my brain works, and i hate how im having such a time, and then my depression hit and i hate how i think so lowly of myself and i just really hate it when i feel like this, i mean all i want is for someone i care about, to care just the same amount to me, and idk im sorry im just in need of a hug

Ofdragonsandtea out.



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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