Posted in Negative, Poetry

​im stressed

and depressed
and although i try my best
it ends up being a broken nest
it breaks and i just find myself

into the dark abyss of my thoughts
pulling at all sides
till it rips me apart
showing my hollow heart
but i guess its a start
its better than darts
or maybe its worst
i keep worrying till i burst
and let me be not the first
but one of the few
who has a view
and say
i’m not ok.
i am very much so not never really ever
for i am drowing in my tears
lost in my thoughts
for who am i to say that
im ok
for i never was, am, are or will be
i tell this to thee
to treat me with care
so i can bare
living to another day
and the child within me
will be kept at bay
for you not to see.

i am depressed
and stressed
and never ok
but i tell me
to be



I write, I rant and I ramble, but it's not the best.

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