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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Book Of the Week: The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey
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I’m not talking about real aliens. The Others aren’t stupid. The Others are so far ahead of us, it’s like comparing the dumbest human to the smartest dog. No contest.
No, I’m talking about the aliens inside our own heads,” (Yancey, 1).

You know those aliens that movies show as like green slimy blobs and say “Take me to your leader puny human!”?
So go figure, aliens may be like that, but The Others? Not so much.
1st Wave. No lights. 2nd Wave. Earthquake. 3rd Wave. Virus. 4th Wave. Silencers.
5th Wave. Unknown.
Meet Cassie. Short for Cassiopeia. Duh. Her life is turned upside down when the waves start hitting Earth. With her parents dead, her brother taken away, and when the 4th Wave hits, men are out to kill her. She meets Evan, a boy just like her, on the run and playing with Death. And Cassie will stop at nothing to get her brother back.
Meet Zombie. He’s only trained to do one thing. Kill or be killed. That is, until he meets Nugget, and his perspective of his reality opens up, and is never the same.
And like all cliches, the two are destined to meet another, in some case or another.

Again, another book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It’s not like your typical cliche dystopian novel where the girl is caught between her love interest and her destiny. No, no siree. Cassie is the type to be headstrong, and go for somethings until she gets it, even if that means risking her life.

Yancey writes the book where he changed the point of view, but when he does, he leaves you on a strong cliffhanger where you end up wanting to know what happens next! He develops his characters throughout the book, and when you read it, it’s like you’re growing with the characters as well. He expresses such raw emotion through his characters as well, so that it’s hard to hate any of them.

Each new chapter will catch you by surprise with the twists and turns, and the odds and ends. And by the end of this book, you’ll wish you had it’s companion and sequel novel, The Infinite Sea. Which I actually need to read. Ha!

What I really love about this book, is how the characters are twisted, and how the plot seems to be all over the place at first, but the more the reader reads, the more the lines tie together and eventually in the end, the reader is desperate for more. I also love his portrayal of the Others. Like, how he calls them the Others, and not aliens, or he doesn’t give them some weird name. It makes the book even more mysterious, and I love that about it. The entire thing seems so mysterious at first, but then things tie together in a cliffhanging ending. It’s probably one of the must reads of our modern age.



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